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Happy New Year! [02 Jan 2009|10:19pm]
I've decided to do my summary of the year differently this year... mostly because i've written virtually nothing in here and that's not helpful at all.

Jan - Not too much happened here other than joyous amounts of food at tasty, tasty restaurants. Woohoo!

Feb - Matchbox 20 and Alanis Morrisette... one of my absolute favorite shows ever!

March - Spent the month stressing out due to deadlines for Master's Thesis

April - Jimmy Eat World concert

May - Graduation... wow I'm actually the master of something... And my lovely trip to Disney with Shaun... yay!

June - Spent the month home with my mom helping to take care of my dad and moved to Shrewsbury.

July - Fourth of July at the cape

August - Was a bum in MA for the most part

September - Interview! Yay!

October - Birthday months are always fun + Ben's Wedding

November - New Kids on the Block (a true highlight really)

December - Christmas is always fun.

I gave up on resolutions years ago. So have a safe and wonderful New Year!
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yay an update [10 Jun 2008|04:10pm]
An update on life might be nice. First things first, it's finally pretty outside. While others may dread the heat, I welcome it with open arms! Hooray sun!

Secondly, I spent one glorious week in Florida and was able to finally get some color on my skin. ::glee::

Third, I'm still in the process of finding a job. Despite the fact that I had five different interviews, I've still yet to actually grab a job. I know that I should be happy that I've had great luck on getting interviews, but the fact that I still have no job and the market keeps looking grimmer each day just makes me anxious/nervous.

Fourth, I got a new car! A nice blue pretty Ford Fusion that talks to me. Hehehe

Fifth, as a result of points 3 and four, I'm moving out of the DC area and hopefully up to the Massachusetts area.

And lastly, despite the beautiful weather, I've managed to catch a head cold. Woohoo.

That's about it in a nutshell. For those in Massachusetts, if for some reason you hear of an opening in some chemistry-related position, please let me know :-) I've been pretty thorough in my researching, but something can always slip through the cracks.

The end.
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[28 Apr 2008|09:43pm]
At 4:15 this afternoon, I officially turned in my final copy of my master's thesis to be published and copyrighted and whatever else it is they're doing with it. This leaves one final before I can officially proclaim myself an AU grad with an MS degree.

In other news, I've already scheduled two interviews for jobs. ::glee:: For once, things seem to be going in the right direction.
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This may have been the best news ever! [03 Apr 2008|04:37pm]
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Happy St. Patty's Day! [17 Mar 2008|01:01pm]

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Back 2 Good [11 Feb 2008|09:31am]
Finally a moment to catch my breath and comment on the Mutemath/Alanis/Matchbox concert from Friday night. I honestly haven't stopped smiling since that concert, which is a feat since I went into the concert with a vicious sinus headache (thankfully that's disappeared). I can honestly say that I have never seen such an amazing concert I admit that I was a little concerned with Mutemath, not knowing who they were. Memories of Busting up a Starbucks and Bacon in a Pan (opening act to Barenaked Ladies) came flooding to me and the thought was quite frightening. But, I relaxed within the first few strains as they ended up being an amazing opening band. I look forward to them going on tour on their own and seeing them in the 9:30 club or something. The music was beautiful and their antics on stage were quite amusing. Between handstand flips over the keyboard, drumming beats on the keyboard, and playing the drums with water splashing everywhere, it was a thoroughly enjoyable opening to a magnificent concert. I got to meet the band afterwards and they signed the shirt I bought. The guitarist was quite nice and we chatted some.

Alanis was beyond words. She definitely owned the stage. I loved how into her music she got, bouncing and bobbing like crazy all around. She gave Nehal and I a little wave, which was adorable. Her tribute to Fergie was some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen. Dolled up in a pink boa with her band members throwing cash at her, she made "My Humps" actually sound quite pretty. I sat there laughing hysterically through it all.

Matchbox Twenty played a practically perfect set. They apparently screwed something up during "Bent" since they played their "I screwed up" blues jam directly after. Rob's voice is amazing and Kyle totally played to the crowd. I danced like a spazz and had a remarkable time.

I think the most enjoyable aspect of the whole experience was knowing and seeing how much everyone played/performed because they truly loved to do it. Not for fame, not for money, but because they want to do what they love and live life and have people be happy because of something they created.

I really wish it wasn't all over. I also wish I had brought a camera with me, despite the website's warning of confiscation. ::sigh:: oh well. I doubt very much that I'll forget that experience.

Remain beautiful.
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Small Update [08 Feb 2008|01:13pm]
I'm working on my last semester at AU, which makes me super happy. Now just got to get through my last two classes, my thesis, and my comp exam. Then I can successfully walk across a stage and declare to the world that I have a Master's degree in Chemistry.

I've been meeting with people regarding my resume and trying to figure out what to do with myself in the big, bad real world. But so far, I'm still pretty much as clueless as ever with what I wanna do with my degree.

And the combination of the above has reduced my spare time drastically. Therefore, I've officially cancelled my WoW account. It's probably about time anyways.

And that about concludes my short little updatee on my ever-so-boring life. Enjoy :-)
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All I have to say... [23 Jan 2008|04:37pm]
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[12 Dec 2007|12:02pm]
This semester has been... intense... to say the least. I'm looking forward to being done with finals and getting away for a bit. Clear my head. Check up on my dad. Relax. Then it's time to start thinking about that thesis of mine, resumes, and job hunting. Yikes!
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It was too good to pass up...hehehe [28 Nov 2007|04:49pm]
In 2007, lenin2 resolves to...
Take evening classes in hamlet.
Become a better broadway.
Give some hopes to charity.
Apply for a new eponine.
Buy new dictatorships.
Tell my family about novels.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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::glee:: [14 Nov 2007|11:38am]
Matchbox 20 + Alanis Morissette + Row B = one happy girl

Can't wait for Feb. 8th!

That is all.
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They say it's your Birthday... [11 Oct 2007|07:28am]
This had to be one of the best birthdays I've had in a really long time. Thank you to everyone who made it that special :-)
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Little Tidbit of News [21 Sep 2007|02:46pm]
I've been invited to be part of the Golden Key International Honor Society, based on my academics in post-graduate studies. Yay me :-)
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Relaxed [19 Aug 2007|10:21am]
[ mood | complacent ]

This past week has been completely relaxing. I was able to completely detach myself from the lab and school and forget for a week that i have this whole other side to my life, which I sorely needed to do. It only occurred to me last night to actually check my grade for stats (hehehe). NYC rejuvenates me. Might seem odd that one of the busiest and loudest cities in the world can do that for someone. The early rises and late nights didn't really bother me at all. I got to hear four of my favorite broadway stars live, a rare treat for being home for a single, solitary week. I'm pretty sure I scared about three out of the four, but who knows. Was amusing, to say the least. One day on the beach to get color and see the lovely ocean waves I rarely get to see. Ended with a trip to six flags, where after two years of waiting, I finally got on the Kingda Ka ride. Well worth the wait. I got to see everyone who demanded my attention whilst home, plus the bonus extra of seeing my little napolean dictator. I couldn't have asked for a better week of de-stressing.

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Linda Eder [11 Aug 2007|11:27pm]
I felt the urge to post that Linda Eder completely made my night. She is just incredible. There really aren't any words.

The end.
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Oh look! An update! [06 Jul 2007|08:39am]
Life has been crazy busy as of late. For a couple weeks there, I was pulling 12 hour shifts at school to pick up slack on some older projects in the lab. That really wore me down. Luckily, I got some quality furby time to pick me back up and now I think I'm finally destressing. AU decided to switch my hours back to their normal time from the first session, which is fine I suppose. However, they are underhandedly cancelling my class in the fall. So that needs some straightening out.

Nehal and I got to see the King Tut exhibit for a day, which was kinda neat. Still sad that we didn't get to see his sarcophogus. Oh well. Wednesday was the celebration of the fourth (yay for being in DC). We started off the day at the folklife festival, which was a neat concept but kinda slacked off on the execution. At night, we watched the fireworks over the Washington Monument, which were really pretty.

Nothing much else exciting in the world of me. Now off to teach.
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Hmmmm [08 Jun 2007|06:44pm]
So, they've changed my schedule around on me AGAIN. Can't seem to have any kinda organization this summer, it seems. I will now be teaching labs at night, rather than during the day. This leaves my entire workweek for research. That's a plus. The only real negative is that I will now be at AU for close to 12 hours 4 days a week and 8 hours on Fridays. We'll see how this all works out in the end.
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[06 Jun 2007|11:42pm]
The Pirate Queen is closing on the 17th. I'm really starting to lose faith in Broadway.

Too bad I never got a chance to see the one show I've been dying to see since I heard about it.
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My feet hurt... [30 May 2007|04:19pm]
...I feel kinda weird posting after reading the fantastic news on the colonel's lj. My life is not that exciting...lol

Let's see. I went up to NY for like half a week. Then, we went down to Disney for a week. Went home for a night and then flew back down to DC, since I had to teach on Friday. My schedule was completely screwy about when I was teaching, leaving me utterly confused about whether or not I was teaching one or two classes on Friday. Turns out that instead of teaching two classes twice a week, I was teaching one class four times a week. This works out more to my favor, as I can still do research everyday. At least they're gonna pay me full time hours for this. So this is my first full week of being at school and already my feet want to kill me for all the standing and walking and standing I've been doing all day. By the time I get home, I just wanna pass out.

I also met my two little lab minions today, both of which are sweet. They should do nicely to make the lab a bit more exciting and full of people.

I'm looking forward to seeing Nehal on Friday. She's now the only person I have left living near me. At least, for now.

Other than that, my life's pretty boring. The rest is really too dorky to continue mentioning on LJ. Though I will say that if my computer game-playing guy friends could see me now, they'd be totally jealous of my uber-leet skillz. Riiiiiiiight.

Here's to hopefully gaining a slightly more glamorous life.
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An update! [14 May 2007|11:17pm]
Here's a quick update for anyone actually following the saga that is my life... (not that anything particularly dramatic happens)

TV - addicted to what has been described as heroin - Heroes. The show never ceases to amaze me and I can't wait to see what next season holds for viewers everywhere. Tomorrow is the last new Gilmore Girls episode EVER. They're finally putting an end to the madness. Thank god. Though, it's kinda bittersweet. You grow to love your obsessions through bad and worse and then even worse episodes.

Health - After about 10-11 years of asthma medication, I can finally breathe all on my ownsome. Who needs meds anyways? I got a new pair of glasses and will be trying out contacts for the first time in my life. Should be interesting. It was nice to see a dozen doctors and have absolutely nothing wrong with me. Go my immune system!

Exercise - I thought it was smart to get on a horse after not exercising for about 10 months. Today is proof that this was a really, really, really dumb idea. I would not advise it to the wise. But it was still nice to get on Toby and just hack around. Donna was also sweet to tell me that anytime I'm up, she will guarantee me one day on Tobs. She knows how perfect we are together and how much I love riding him apparently. Though right now, all I can think about is a wonderful body massage.

Trevor - Had bladder stones and got a surgery. He's all better now and the stitches have been removed. The arthritis is really starting to kick in now. He just limps around the house. Breaks my heart. He's also become much more vocal. It's been interesting.

Broadway - Saw Company. This will probably be the only time someone will hear me saying that I enjoyed a Sondheim musical. But for once in his life, he stayed away from harsh dissonant chords and multiple people singing fast over one another in non-matching melodic lines. The orchestration was also very fitting for the character types. The plot left something to be desired, but ya know, you can't get everything. And I'm officially obsessed with Raul Esparza's voice now. Not that it should come to a surprise that I obsess over male singers' voices. This wouldn't be the first time.

School - Makes me feel smart. Maintained my 4.0. Yeah that's right. It is possible to have a perfect GPA in Chemistry. Or maybe just at American. I dunno. But sure does reflect nicely on me :-)

Summer Plans - I'll be down in DC for practically the entire summer. I was originally teaching twice a week, but that has now changed to four times a week. That's right. 12 hours of teaching and molding minds. On top of that, I'll be doing research in the lab. Then halfway through the summer, I get to add a stats class to the workload. What seemed like a pretty low-key summer initially has really stockpiled to a much larger workload, but at least I'm making money and doing work on my thesis.

And I think that about covers my update. If you wanna know anything else, you all know how to reach me.

Remain beautiful.
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